CONTACT RYE D. 3350 Essay of August : Takumi Sekino



PP.Napaskamon Promopakorn
YE program staff

Khun Prapa


       How I Adjust Myself with the First Host Family

              At the day of departure to Thailand. I had no fear at all because I had a confidence without reason. I thought “It becomes somehow if I go.” But I realized that it’s not so easy things after
I came here.

              There is a lot of difference between Japan. Languages, cultures, foods, climates… It’s not
easy to living unaccustomed place. I thought I can’t live here. I want to go back to Japan. But I changed my mind. I thought if I think that it’s fun, I can enjoy everything.

               It’s natural that I feel hard because I’m living in completely different environment. Now I know that that was right decision.

               I really enjoy my life in Thailand. Peoples are very kind and friendly. I’m looking forward
to enjoying Thai life!

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