CONTACT RYE D. 3350 Essay of September : Juliette Duperret




PP.Napaskamon Promopakorn
YE program staff

Khun Prapa


       How I adjust….

              I had an extraordinary welcome from my host family, who immediately considered me as
one of them.

             After a quick presentation of the family, the house and the bed. I was exhausted and the
adaptation with heat and humidity was not easy. I was sick all the first day, impossible to eat while
it looked super good .. 1st night market with my family and two Thai sisters it was nice & I was
able to smile again!  

              I’ve already started Thai lesson at home because here it is Thai or nothing
The next day I went to discover the school, I had about 3000 eyes on me ... We then bought my uniform! The school hour are different from france ans I need to get used to it  On the 3rd day,
wake up at 6am to go to school. At last I hear the prayer, the national hymn and the song for
the king. followed by a few stretching exercises. 3h of French to help students and make me full of friends. It was a great time with lots of great new friends
In some rooms no air conditioning. Working under 40 degrees is not easy. On Friday, I appeared before the 3000 students. I had prepared a small text in Thai. It was stressful. The director came
to offer me the pin’s of the school which represents the symbol of the queen in front of everyone.
I was applauded. Great moment of emotion ...

               I know have to learn Thai and also to progress in english to talk with my family my club
and the other inboubds. I had difficulty in English at the beginning and especially for the personal presentation in front of all the young people and the members of the club but little by little I began
to speak with everyone. They were all very nice it was definitely a good time!

                Here, everyone is adorable with me, I feel great and it's only 2 week! I love my family and I
enjoy the Thai cuisine!

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