CONTACT RYE D. 3350 Monthly report from Vladana


            June started with a really nice experience at an elephant sanctuary. I stayed there for
four days with my other exchange friends and some rotarians. We helped there all around the elephants. That includes showering several times a day, cutting grass for them and walk with
them through the rainforest to eat and let's take a bath in the little pond. We learned a lot about
those amazing animals at the camp. As the highlight of the trip I managed to ride on my own
and we went rafting on the river and had a fun pushing each other in the water.

            We also teached at a lot of English schools and helped at Rotary events, for example to give
out the glasses and sponsoring some hospital beds.We went with Lane's host to the airport to
say goodbye to him. After that it was almost time for Fern to go, so we enjoyed our last time
together in Nakhonsawan, went to our beautiful local graffiti wall to take some nice pictures,
The shabu at our most well-known big c and walking past the park at Nakhonsawan, after we
made flowers for his majesty king bhumibol at school.

            The day we brought Fern to the airport, I went with my friends to JJ-market to buy
some presents to take home and after we visited DC, because my friends and me are big korean
fans. Today I picked up my host boy from the airport, who just came back from Germany.
Tomorrow I have a last appointment with one of my friends from school, because she will visit university after. So I just enjoy my last week here.

PP.Napaskamon Promopakorn
YE program staff

Khun Prapa


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