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PP.Napaskamon Promopakorn
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Khun Prapa


What I Learned in School
I really enjoyed going to school here in Thailand and learning the culture.  When I first came
I felt like a celebrity with everyone asking to take pictures and asking for my name but as time
went on and I started to adapt to the culture I felt like that’s where I belong.
  I took a lot of classes such as music, dance, language, art, cooking and others.  In music I learned
how to play the khlui.  In art I learned about the history of Thai art and enjoyed drawing and painting.  I really liked cooking.  I learned how to make some delicious Thai dishes such as
tom yum kung.  During the period of time I was in school, the principle of the school retired. 
At the ceremony of the new principle I participated in a tradition Thai dance.  I also helped
out the teachers as much as I could with teaching English and also in dance class and music.
I made a lot of friends with my classroom and they helped me learn and understand Thai
language and culture.    Learning in school was a great experience in which I will remember

Activities in April
My month started down south in Phuket. I loved traveling down south and seeing the beach
and the beautiful islands. I’ve never been anywhere more beautiful. During Songkran
I traveled with my family to visit some temples in the northern part of Thailand. Although
I never got the opportunity to play songkran traveling around Thailand was really nice.
It’s a beautiful country. On the way back from up north my family took me to Ayutthaya.
I had the chance to ride an elephant. That was the last thing to check off on my 5 things
I want to do paper at the beginning of the year.

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