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PP.Napaskamon Promopakorn
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Khun Prapa


Hi! I'm Bo, exchange student from D3350, Thailand to D6960, RYE Florida. In this month,
I went to Homecoming Game with Fanny ( exchange student from France) . I also had
homecoming week. This is my first homecoming.I was so excited. It was so much fun. I went
to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios with other exchange students. We had so
much fun. The next day, we went to Downtown Disney. On 29th October, I went to the
event as a volunteer. And the next day, We went to Halloween party at Holly's
( RYE D6960 chairman). I wear Batgirl costume. This week I will go to rotary club with Holly,
talk about experience. I will also exchange rotary club flag.

I have been here almost 3 months. School is great, I have my first friend from PE class.
For me, I think that studying US history and English is a bit hard for me. But it's good to know
about US history. My host family is great!!! I'm so lucky to be hosted by them. Living here
is totally opposite from where I came from. There is not much people or tall building like
Bangkok. American people is friendly. They greet each other
(even they don't know each other before).

Best Regards,
Katjatar Janebunjoeng

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