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fb Exactly 16 days ago I was getting on an airplane to my way to literally the other side of the world.
It took a little bi to get here, 2 days, and today I completed my second week in the land of smile.
At the firsts days I had what we call cultural chock. Everything is absolutely different, the food,
the city, the costumes... I was scared, I didn't know how to react, how to eat, even how to
treat people. For a moment I thought I would never get used with so many differences.
Past two weeks, just 14 days, since I arrived and I feel like I have been here for months.
I love the food, the school, and specially my host family. On those just two weeks I saw so many
beautiful places and experiences so many things that I thought I would never do.
Once someone told me that : "That is the world and that is Thailand".

Today I couldn't agree more. It's a unique experience and I am really thankful to be able to live.
Now I can say for sure: I didn't chose Thailand,
Thailand chose me!

PP.Napaskamon Promopakorn
YE program staff

Khun Prapa





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