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PP.Napaskamon Promopakorn
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Khun Prapa


I have been a couple months ago, there a lot of fun here. I am really happy to have chance
living here. My months was really wonderful.

In October, this month don't have any thing to do that much . I went to the Interact
meeting club at the beginning of the month , there a lot of the food and it was so good.
Most people in the meeting are the old people, the teenager in the club did not attend
to the meeting that because that day also have an event in my school too. It's about
let's the girls play the American football instead. My host sister,Sheridan also attended
to the game.

In October 18th, talk about my birthday, I am 18 now. My host families gave me a wonderful Birthday party. We went to The Japanese Restaurant. I had some Sushi and it was super
delicious. I feel like , I am a part of their family, Never feel a lone anymore!

My life in school also study quite hard! It's not like it Thailand, but as you know , I have
to learn in different language and I have been working hard to get improve all my English
skills, even though everyone told me I got improve anyway that not enough for me.
I understood what teacher taught and now I got my first grades : Art = A(96),
American History = B(88), Physical fitness = B (89) and English= C (73). Host mom told ,
that was good but I kind of wanna be better than that. I won't give up.

On Halloween, actually I want to be a Thai ghost but Host mom said that it gonna be took
along time to get dress up. They gAve me a Vampire one. I like it so much. I went out to trick
or treating with my friend and my second host family'sdaughter, her name is Alexandra.
She's cute and really nice ! I had a lot of fun that night and it's my first Halloween night too.

This is my life in October , it was so wonderful so far . I will keep email you every months
as much as I can. I hope you have a nice day with inbound youth exchange too.

Sincerely yours,


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