CONTACT RYE D. 3350 Kirana  Chaiprasert  March – April 2015 Germany


PP.Napaskamon Promopakorn
YE program staff

Khun Prapa


In March-April 2015,  I was in a country called Germany, with the most awesome family I had
ever met . And this is how my amazing trip began.

On the first week I went with my exchange partner to her family and also with her dad at
his school, I met lots of people and try to get use to the town, people and the freezing weather there.

The second week was amazing. We went down to the South of Germany to the mountain  which gradually turned to be green again after such a long  winter. We booked a small house in the village and took the cable car up to the mountain, walked along the way down with the temperature 10 degree below zero, surrounded by a beautiful mountain that covered by crytal white snow. We also visited some of the brilliant churchs within  that area and the old city of Oberamagau.

Mostly every walls were decorated by  beautiful old historical  paintings and lots of shops  where people can buy some gifts, which specifically  made of woods by the people in the village.

We went to see the castle of Neuinswanstein, One of the most beautiful castle in the world. There were so many  tourists from all over the world travelling there to see this amazing building.
The castle impressed me so much, for the elegant designed and wonderful architectures.
That was so fantastic moment for me.

After went back home in Aschaffenburg. There was the time for celebrating Easter day. We drove
to a small village, not so far away. I met all of Lucia’s family and they all were very kind . We had meals that consisted with roast meat with potato ball, bread, gravy sauce, salad, spaghetti and lots
of cakes and ice-cream together. Then we went for a walk and came back. Sitting and talking
together drank some tea and ate some sweet again and of course lots of chocolate. On the next morning I went to a church with Lucia’s parents to join the Easter ceremony.

In the next morning we went to visit Bamberg city, it was such a beautiful city. There were lots of tourists from everywhere, travelling there even by boats. And the city of Nuremberg, to the oldest part of the town, where there was a palace surrounded by a big wall. And we spent the whole day there.

In the evening we drove to Würzburg to stay there for a day. We went to see the residence and
some of the churches. There were so many  people walking and shopping around the downtown.
We also went to eat pizza near by the river Main and then visited another castle , then took a train back to our house in Aschaffenburg.

The first day of my last week in Germany, I went with my host parents to join the Rotary club of Aschaffenburg. Which was taken place in the big green house. That was so awesome, everyone
was so welcoming and kindness. That made me fell so full of happiness.

On the day after, the weather was so great. So we decided to have a picnic with some of Lucia’s
friend near by the river Main. There were many  people who playing and relaxing around, on the
field liked us, enjoying sunshine and the  green fresh of spring.

I also went for a bicycle trip with Lucia’s parents to Miltenberg. That took  45 kilometers away.
We passed by the village, the town , the field and crossing the river. There were lots of animals
along the track.   After the arrival  , we went to visit the castle there, and a house which is the
oldest house in Germany. We enjoined eating ice-cream under that historical town. And then we
went back to Aschaffenburg by train.

On my last week in Germany, I went with Lucia to her school , and also to her father’s school. We went shopping and cooking with Lucia’s mother. And that was so perfect for me .On my last day,
we left the house in the morning and went to the park in Aschaffenburg, where there was another small castle there.Then to Frankfurt, before I flew back to Thailand………………………………………….!

It was so sad to say goodbye to such an amazing family liked the Kiesel’s family.  Even it was only
one month, but I felt like they were part of my family.

How could I find the words to describe how thankfully  and  grateful I felt inside to express it to them. I only wish that, if there is some miracle on the earth, I wish I
could   see them again soon……………………………………………………………….!

And finally ,  I’m so gratefully  thankful  to the Rotary club and all of the committee ,  for such an extraordinary program, that fulfilling up my dream and influence this great experience opportunity for me. Without them, we could never ever be gained this unremarkable experience in anywhere
else. It’s truly the best summer ever for me and my life. And certainly are the same for myself
family and the host’s family too.

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