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Since September 2,2015 I said good bye to my everything in Thailand ; My House, My bed,
My Family,My Friends,My School,My rotary clus in Thailand, etc. Now is about a week ago
that I left my beloved everythings. The first day in the U.S was amazing I woke up
at 4.30 a.m. then went to the bathroom to take a bath but the water is really really cold!
That's day both of my host sisters ;Molly and Sheridan were going to school but I was
wating for go outside with my host mom . I think I am really lucky to have the cutiest host
family here. I hope these things will be one of the best memories that I never forgot.

I went out with my mom (Andrea) to walk the dogs. The weather's really nice . It's just a
little bit cool but everyone said that what's a hot day! Yeah ! If I were an American I would
say that too.

After comeback from outside my mom asked me to go to the bed , yeah! I would love too!
When I woke up, dad pick me to the school(sorry I can't remember the name of that school)
to watch the volleyball games. Of course, Mollyand Sheridan were in the games too.

After finished the games we went eat then come back home to sleep. I remembered that
the first meal I ate in the U.S is vegetables warp. Of course I am scared of getting fat and
I didn't forget to exercise before bed. It's a really good day here.

Day 2
I woke up early again then after both girls went to school ,I help my mom mowed the grass.
It's great but I've got a dizzy . It's funny isn't it? I thought may be I have to have much
more relax after traveled on the plane across the world for about 26 hours. Then went
out with Sheridan and her friends to Asuka Sushi.it's really delicious, I ate it a lot.
We came back home then waiting for going to watch an American football match. I can't
imagine that it's really fun. I like it so much. This is the most time I like of the day.
Sheridan's friends came home to visit me. I'm reallyglad that we went out to the Walmart
bought a box of game. It's about 11 p.m. then everyone went to their own homes and
I went to sleep.

Talk about the weekend and holiday.

We went to lake Gaston with our new member Jessica (Their's niece ) it's a great time that
I spent with this family. My Many first time happened here! , First time to learn surfing ,
to swim, to eat new food , to learn how to live with my own life without my family.
We stayed at the summer house for 3 days then we back home.

The first day in the Wake Forest High School .

I like it so much. It's really amazed me because the school starts about 7.20 I have
fourperiods to learn in each period we took about a hour and twenty minutes to learn and
have only 5 minutes for changing the class. I walk like a person who want to go to ter
restroom. But it's fun. I met a lot of people. That's really good.

September 12,2015

I just got back from the orientation at my host club . I met many people here! There are
4 exchange students here ; 1 from Brazil, 1 from Chile and 2 from Thailand.!! Of course
we are all the girls. We talk about the inbound student rules and conditions of ex change,
and of course about the trip too. I have no idea about this. Hahaha. Then we ate lunch and
introduced ourselves to the rotarian here. Then we back home .

Although it's just a week but I am falling in love with America now.



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