CONTACT RYE D. 3350 Rotex Nitsara 2013-14 D 5010 Alaska ka / สร ลพบุรี


PP.Napaskamon Promopakorn
YE program staff

Khun Prapa


Last year, I was very lucky to have spent an entire year in Alaska, U.S.A. It was part of
the Rotary Youth Exchange Program D3350. I was hosted by rotary club of Juneau
Glacier Valley. While living with an American host families in Alaska, I learned their
language and culture. It was one of the happiest time of my life. I learned culture of
the people who live in Alaska like their food, their language, the way they dress, etc.
It was not easy for me at first to adapt and adopt new set of rules while staying with
American families. But I later learned and understood how to handle myself. I came to
realize that learning their language and picking up their cultural knowledge were an
important part of my stay.

In Alaska, I attended their Thunder Mountain High School in grade 11. I really like the
school system. I involved in a lot of school activities such as Model UN, Interact, Rifle club,
Jazz choir, etc. My most favorite one was Model UN because what we did was to represent
a country and pretended that we were from that country. We had to create new policy or
innovation that was going to help or had benefits for the country that we represented and
then wrote it down on the resolution paper. After that, we had to discuss the resolution
paper of all countries in front of our committees before passed it down to the national
committees to vote for the final result whether the resolution was going to pass or fail.
In my case, I represented Yemen and I was in a Traditional Medicine committee.
My resolution was passed and received supported fund from the UN and

other organizations to carry out my new proposed projects. I really felt like I was a real representative from Yemen. Not only I enjoyed portraying it but also I got to make new
friends from other schools.

Being an exchange student allowed me to gain incredible experiences and also learned
a whole new world perspective that I have never known before. Lastly, I just wanted
to thank you again for giving me this amazing opportunity.



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