CONTACT RYE D. 3350 Rotex Onsasi 2013-14 D 6330 Central States / สร บางรัก


PP.Napaskamon Promopakorn
YE program staff

Khun Prapa


On 23 August in 2013, I have a chance to travel to a little sub-urban area called
Burtchville, Michigan in United states of America as the Rotary exchange student from
district 3350 Thailand. Before wards, the students will have to choose the country that
they were interest to visit then take the English test and interview with the Rotary Club Administration Committee in order to rank them based on their English skills.
The country that they will go might not be included in the list, because it's depends on
the clubs in other country that they will or will not host this students. Fortunately,
I have got hosted by the Rotary club of Fort Gratiot district 6330 with a warm and
friendly welcoming. There are two host families that I had been staying with during
a year of exchanging program, both of them were very friendly and warm; they've
treated me as if I am one of their family member. And funny fact about these two families
is... in each family they have 1 older son and 1 younger daughter. Plus both families son
are off to college to study in faculty of computer; both of them. So I have been staying
with their daughters most of the time. And of course, just like every other teenager I have
been put into one of the high school in the nearby town called Port Huron Northern along
with my host sisters; this school are famous as the high school with largest marching band
in the whole of blue water area. In there, I have met lots of nice people and make lots of
good friends. And most importantly I have done many things that I've never done before,
for example; I have joined dance team and choir performance for first time. That was a
very new experience for me. From what I had experience for whole year that I have
been away from the wings of my own family, I have learned the culture of people in that
area; and in returned, I taught them a little of my culture as well, Also how to live and
adapt to many different kinds of people, how to deal with problems whether a small
problems or serious problems and have an opportunity to live as grow up woman, not as
a whining little girl as I was before. Although I have not done well enough but I did tried
my best to be a good Rotary student. I am very appreciating the Rotary that give me
these chances. The chance that not many people will be able to have nor experienced
like me and my YE friends does. And I hope that this program will stay and develop into
more efficient program so that more students in the next generation will be more open
to the outside world and gather the precious memories for themselves as well.



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