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Khun Prapa


My exchange student’s life
Since I was young I remember that I always want to go aboard or be an exchange student
because I loved being around the new surrounding. And then I knew the exchange student
program of Rotary , which is like the best exchange student program that I’ve ever known.
After I got in this program I choose to go to the USA the reason is because I want to get
the feeling of what would it will be like if I live in the USA like is it gonna be like in high school
tv show? or what would it be in just normal daily’s life. And it is totally change my life.
And I’m not regret that I choose the USA.

It was the first time that I’ve been in the USA and the state that I went to is Michigan.
The weather was so nice that day a bit chilling though for me it’s just like we up in the mountain
in Thailand somwhere like Chaing rai or Chaing mai. But the weather in next 3-4 months
was so bad because it was so freaking cold, tons of snow and the temperature was going
down lowest in record. And lucky me I was there when that was happened. However I think
the most important thing in my exchange life is all of my lovely host family and my friends
and school. My first host family was very nice and organize. My first host mom was the one
that taking care of everything to worked for me like stuff in school or homework.
She always helped me when I had problems. To be honest , I was kinda homesick at first
couple days but because of my first host family were there too I’m got over it eventually.
About My second host family they’re also very nice and they’re funny too. I got a lots of fun
experience when I was here. The first time that I was skiing is when I was with my second host
family too. It was really fun. Then my last host family, they’re very nice and generous. And the
important thing is they’re like a traveler’s family. I had a chance to go to Chicago,
Washington DC, and Virginia because of my third host family. About my school I went to
Clarkston high school which is very big. There are about 3 thousand of student in this school
and it’s only from sophmores to senoirs. I like the way that they teach in the school and student
get to choose subjects too. And there are various kind of classes that you can sign in.
For me I like to be a movie director, So I choose video production class and theatre class
which was very fun I’ve learned so much from those classes. Last is Rotary, the club is similar
to Thailand everyone is also nice and kind. Rotary made me got to know a lots of new friends.
I can say that I’ve friends almost all around the world.

This pass year that I’ve spent my time in the USA being an exchange student made me learned
a lot. Its made me knew how to depend on myself, how to adapted yourself in the new
surrounding and people. My English skill is also improve I can talk much faster and it’s
more easily to listening in English. It’s the experience that you not gonna get it anywhere else
unless you step out there and just go with it.




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